Robert Sarver Announced He’s Looking For Buyers For The Suns And Mercury

Robert Sarver’s time as the owner of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury is on the precipice of coming to an end. According to a statement that the disgraced owner of both teams released on Wednesday afternoon, Sarver has started to look for buyers of both teams in the aftermath of the investigation that has led to him receiving a 1-year suspension and $10 million fine.

Sarver attempted to make himself a victim in his statement, citing his faith as the reason he is a believer “in atonement and the path to forgiveness” and blaming “our current climate” for meaning that “whatever good I have done, or could still do, is outweighed by things I have said in the past.” But after he got that out of the way, he announced his decision to start looking for someone to purchase the teams.

I do not want to be a distraction to these two teams and the fine people who work so hard to bring the joy and excitement of basketball to fans around the world. I want what’s best for these two organizations, the players, the employees, the fans, the community, my fellow owners, the NBA and the WNBA. This is the best course of action for everyone.

Sarver purchased both teams in 2004. The news of his decision to sell came after an independent investigation determined that there were numerous examples of Sarver being racist and sexist in his workplace, which led to the punishment being handed down by the NBA. Numerous players — including LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Draymond Green — spoke out in the aftermath of the NBA’s decision, while NBPA Executive Director Tamika Tremaglio called for Sarver to receive a lifetime ban.