Robin Lopez Joked He’s Going To ‘Do His Own Research’ On If His Brother Actually Won A Title

Media Day was the focus of the NBA world on Monday, Sept. 27, with teams across the league making news and also delivering largely mundane statements, at least in some cases. The Orlando Magic were one of the franchises participating and, in advance of a rebuilding season, it wasn’t as if the Magic were in the national spotlight before the day began. However, veteran big man Robin Lopez signed in Orlando as a free agent, and he is regularly entertaining as a personality.

That was on full display in his first set of interviews, including a memorable joke sequence about his brother, Milwaukee Bucks center Brook Lopez, and how Robin needed to “do his own research” to find out if Brook actually won the 2021 NBA title.

While not necessarily explicit, Lopez seems to be poking fun at vaccine hesitancy, particularly with the “do his own research” line referring to an oft-used answer from some individuals. After all, vaccines were at the center of the conversation surrounding many franchises, and there is sure to be more discussion on the topic with a few high-profile players that may be unable to play.

Lopez always seems to be light-hearted and, in this case, the bit works perfectly. The Bucks did, in fact, win the championship just a few months ago, however, so it doesn’t appear as if deep personal research is needed in this particular instance.