Rockets Disrespect Jeremy Lin With No. 7 ‘Melo Jersey; Lin Responds On Twitter

The Houston Rockets pulled out all the stops in their pitch to free agent Carmelo Anthony today. They invited former Rocket Clyde Drexler to the meeting as well as current Rocket stars Dwight Howard and James Harden. They even put an image of ‘Melo in a No. 7 Rockets jersey on their arena’s marquee. One problem, that’s Jeremy Lin‘s number, and he wasn’t too pleased about the oversight.

Here’s the offending image outside the Toyota Center in downtown Houston:


Here’s a photoshop of Jeremy all fed up with the mistake:


And here’s Jeremy’s actual reaction, where the devout Christian includes a passage from the Book of Luke as a way to ignore the slights and keep moving forward:


Meanwhile, the Rockets are looking to unload Lin — some even say they already have an agreement in place — if they get a verbal commitment from ‘Melo. They’re currently in talks to send him to Philadelphia:


This creates an awkward situation in Houston if — as is likely — the Rockets are unable to obtain James or Anthony in free agency. If they miss out on both, they’ll have a disgruntled sixth man coming in with a damaged ego, full aware that management was just waiting to trade him.

After the Rockets brass flew to Philly on opening night of free agency to court a player — Kyle Lowry — who they traded just two summer’s ago among a lot of internal acrimony, they’ve unveiled a marketing campaign in a pitch to a free agent that’s concurrently a direct slap in the face to their present-day point guard.

If the Rockets franchise continues along their current path, we wouldn’t be surprised if they deal Jeremy (they almost have to at this point, even if they fail to land LeBron or ‘Melo), then look to sign him when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2015 after a magical run with the Sixers.

Did the Rockets mess up by dissing Lin?

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