Rondo is ready to get buckets; The Mavs are already hurting

09.30.12 6 years ago
We’re finally getting close to actual NBA basketball. After an eventful yet long and drawn-out offseason — apparently a lot of basketball writers grow quiet when they don’t have LeBron James to kick around anymore — training camps are already underway some teams and right around the corner for the rest … Word out of Boston is that Rajon Rondo has improved his jumper and that he will be more aggresive taking that jumper and looking for his own shot this season. That sounds good and all, but everybody involved with the Celtics should be careful what they wish for. The franchise has been trying forever to get through to Rondo that he’s The Man, and while he appears to get it now, hopefully he doesn’t lose that pass-first playmaker’s edge that makes him truly special. Everybody is so stuck on having their superstar be a total-package player that sometimes they’ll accidentally break something that didn’t need to be fixed … Rondo’s partner in crime, KG, made headlines the other day when he told reporters that he’s no longer talking to the departed Ray Allen. Ray responded yesterday: “That’s a shame. I’m a good person to talk to on the phone.” Who’s ready for another over-hyped “rivalry” between a guard and a big man in which they rarely cross paths on the court? It’ll be like Shaq vs. Kobe, Part 2 … Jeff Green may be called upon to fill some of those minutes Ray left in Boston, and he says he’s ready for the challenge after missing all of last season with a heart condition. Green spent the summer playing pickup ball at Georgetown and said he asked the guys he ran with to hit him in the chest whenever he drove the lane. Risky, but probably necessary just to get over the psychological hurdle … Flip Murray is expected to be in Grizzlies’ camp. Even if he makes the team he probably won’t get much PT, but it’s interesting that between Flip and Zach Randolph, Memphis has two guys who aren’t athletic freaks but could be dropped in a cage with a basketball, a hoop and five hungry bears and still find ways to score … Raja Bell won’t be at Jazz camp, even though he’s on the roster and slated to make $3.5 million this season. Utah still hasn’t found anything to do with him, and at this point the options are either to trade him, waive him, sit him and pay him, or lock him in a room with Tyrone Corbin and see who comes out … … Hit the jump to hear about Chris Kaman’s first day in Dallas …

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