Roy Hibbert Keeps Working Out As His Recent Vine Video Shows

Pacers’ center Roy Hibbert anchored Indiana’s league-leading defense and became an offensive force against the Heat in last season’s Eastern Conference Finals. But he hasn’t let his late season success quench his thirst for getting better. For Hibbert, that means getting stronger.

So far this summer, Hibbert has shown off all the weight work he’s been doing on IG and Twitter.

He posted an IG photo last week while he was training with Tim Duncan in San Antonio that shows all all his increased muscle. Well, he was back at it again today.

Not only that, but when you’re as big as Hibbert (7-2 280 lbs. that’s rapidly become all muscle) flying can be troublesome. Most non-NBA chartered flights is cumbersome since your standard commercial plane doesn’t accommodate the large men who make up a typical NBA roster. Remember, NBA teams didn’t start flying private until the 90’s; can you imagine what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went through during his 20 NBA seasons flying all over the country on commercial flights?!

But despite being well-compensated, NBA players don’t fly chartered during the off-season. When Hibbert flew back from working out in San Antonio, he looked a lot more comfortable than he did when he had to use the lavatory while heading down to Texas.

Heading to San Antonio:


Heading to Indy:


Do you think Hibbert is going to be a force next season based off all the lifting he’s shown us this summer?

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