Roy Hibbert’s Self-Portrait Overlooking His Home’s Hearth

12.07.13 6 years ago

Pacers big man Roy Hibbert has turned into one of our favorite social media super users. Whether he’s tweeting vine videos, or posting to Instagram, he’s always doing something fresh. A recent update to his IG page revealed a self-portrait hanging above his fireplace in Indiana. His acknowledgement of the portrait is what makes it all so glorious.

A couple days ago, Hibbert was relaxing in his crib in Indianapolis, presumably enjoying the Thanksgiving break with friends and family. He even posted a photo of some stockings and a sign of PEACE adorning his hearth. But it also showed a hand-painted picture of Hibbert hanging in his own home above the fireplace, and it might not be the only one:

“Master”Peace” theater going on in my crib. N yea I do have a hand painted pic of myself above my chimney. There may be more scattered around the house. I’m so not into myself. #HappyHolidays!”

That last line, “I’m so not into myself,” is just the right amount of irony for us to actually believe the big man. The Pacers, meanwhile, are still the top team in the East. They face off against the Spurs this Saturday night, but before they do battle at the Alamo, Hibbert was trying to convince his teammates to sign up for the Tough Mudder.

For those unfamiliar, the Tough Mudder is a grueling 10-12 mile race* featuring between 25 and 30 obstacles involving electrocution, wet mud, slippery walls, fire, ice baths and more. So, yeah, team building is great, but not if it risks hypothermia, exhaustion and death by electrocution.

[*disclosure: I’ve written about the Tough Mudder, but I’m not crazy enough to actually run the course.]

Is Hibbert’s self-portrait classy or a little self-absorbed?

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