Rudy Gobert Attempted A Three And Airballed It Spectacularly

Rudy Gobert is extremely good at a whole lot of things on a basketball court. One weak spot for the gigantic Frenchman, however, is connecting on shots from behind the three-point line — Gobert entered the Minnesota Timberwolves’ game on Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks 0-for-12 from deep in his NBA career, as he’s usually more comfortable scoring near the rim.

But the opportunity presented itself to let one fly against the Bucks, with Gobert getting the cleanest look in the world during the third quarter of action. Gobert found himself at the very top of the key with absolutely no one near him, and if there was ever a time to see the ball go through the rim from deep for the first time in your decorated NBA career, this was it.

Unfortunately, it did not look great out of Gobert’s hand, and it eventually hit the ground without clipping the rim first.

Gobert even makes a face as if to say he understood this could have gone much, much better. Anyway, the only way to make a three is to keep shooting threes, so perhaps we’ll see Gobert continue to get up jumpers so he can knock down that elusive first three of his career. Or maybe he’ll keep hanging out by the rim and continue to be one of the best rebounders and lob threats in the world.