Rudy Gobert Went Coast-To-Coast On His Own And Then Missed A Wide Open Layup

Rudy Gobert had a pretty good night against the Los Angeles Clippers. The veteran big man helped lead the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 128-115 win over their Western Conference foes, which went into the game with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on the sideline. Gobert had 25 points, 21 rebounds, three blocks, and one moment where he showed off some pretty impressive handles before coming up short on a layup.

Gobert pulled down a rebound off of an Amir Coffey miss in the fourth quarter. Instead of giving it to a guard — D’Angelo Russell was tied up with Robert Covington — Gobert saw that he had the entire court in front of him. So, the big man decided to just bring the ball up the court on his own, and by the time he got to the three-point line, only Moses Brown stood between him and the rim. Instead of picking up this dribble, Gobert was able to get by the Clippers big man, get to the rim, do a little head fake, and get him in the air.

There was, quite literally, nothing between Gobert and the rim, but something happened and caused him to miss the layup, which led to Gobert just grabbing the stanchion for a second.

Ultimately, this is a moment Gobert can laugh at, as he otherwise had a very good night.