Rudy Gobert Tried To Flop While On The Bench After He’d Already Fouled Out Of The Game

The Utah Jazz had a dreadful Game 1 performance against the Memphis Grizzlies, losing 112-109 in a game that ended up being much closer than it felt for most of the second half.

After a slow start, Memphis took it to Utah thanks to a sensational game from their backcourt stars in Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks, while Jonas Valanciunas did great work on the glass and in occupying Rudy Gobert. Late in the fourth quarter, Gobert fouled out battling for a rebound with Valanciunas, leaving the Jazz to complete a comeback down two of their top stars. However, that didn’t mean Gobert was done inserting himself into the action.

With 1:35 left in the game, Derrick Favors got an and-1 dunk and Gobert decided this was his chance to try and draw a frustration technical foul on the Grizzlies, so he strolled down the baseline to Kyle Anderson, who gently pushed him aside as he walked back to the floor. Gobert proceeded to try and earn an Oscar with an all-time shameless flop.

Flopping in the NBA isn’t anything new, but this feels like Gobert is breaking some new ground by doing it while he’s not even in the game. The man is fouled out and still manages to flail to the ground.For a player who isn’t exactly well beloved around the country, Gobert’s not really helping his image with this incredible flop while not even playing. Happily the refs did not buy this acting job from Gobert and no technicals were assessed to Anderson, and if anything happens, one would think a fine may be coming Gobert’s way.