Rudy Gobert Laid Some VERY NSFW Smack On A Few Instagram Trolls

03.18.16 2 years ago 2 Comments
Rudy Gobert IG Smack

Getty Image / Imgur

There’s a stereotype that the French are lovers, not fighters; that they’ll run away at the very first sign of conflict. Rudy Gobert has dispelled that notion, emphatically, on and off the court. It doesn’t matter if a player comes at him with a weak layup attempt or a strong dunk —he’ll block both into oblivion. If a troll comes at him on social media, the Stifle Tower is just as vicious with his rejections.

The latest victims of Gobert’s ruthless wit are a few Instagram trolls who thought it would be fun to rib Gobert after the center posted a typical “nice win for the team” photo on his feed. Needless to say, it did not go well for either of these poor souls. Gobert’s caption on his photo was in French, so of course there was one person who thought it would be funny to channel his inner Samuel L. Jackson and tell Gobert to speak English.

Note: Scroll to the second page for the NSFW trolling.

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