Questions About Defense ‘Confuse’ Russell Westbrook

Here we go again. After a few weeks of relative radio silence regarding Russell Westbrook’s encounters with the media, Westbrook reverted back to his “I don’t like you” mode during an exchange with a reporter last night.

The sarcasm, it stings. This isn’t as bad or as pointed as “I just don’t like you,” but it’s clearly a little antagonistic. It also leads one to wonder whether Westbrook has a photographic memory – how else could he remember every time someone did or didn’t ask him about defensive issues during a win? Then again, maybe Westbrook doesn’t have such a great memory, because according to Young, these questions are nothing new.

To the reporter’s credit, the questions about the Thunder’s defense are valid. Over the last ten games, the Thunder are allowing 110.5 points per 100 possessions, according to NBA.com/stats. Some of that has to do with Serge Ibaka’s absence, but Enes Kanter’s woeful defense isn’t helping matters at all.

The Thunder offense may be thriving with the addition of Kanter, but it’s doing so at the cost of their defense. Just don’t talk to Russell Westbrook about it.

(Royce Young)