Russell Westbrook Weighed In On The In-N-Out Vs. Whataburger Debate

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Russell Westbrook is something of a divisive figure for NBA fans. No one can debate whether he’s a great basketball player, but his style of play and bristly personality does make some question whether he’s capable of being a star on a championship winning team.

Westbrook doesn’t often discuss his status among the NBA’s elite. He doesn’t discuss much of anything with the media. But when it comes to burger restaurants, he’s willing to take a stand.

At NBA All-Star Weekend, BroBible asked the important question of Westbrook, who grew up in California but now resides in Oklahoma: In-N-Out or Whataburger? It’s a question that divides regions and can spark intense debate, and Westbrook is an interesting test case since he grew up in In-N-Out country but has spent a decade in Whataburger territory. For Russ, it’s an easy answer as he refuses to change from what he grew up with.

Russ also offered up his standard In-N-Out order, which is the standard order for most everyone. A double with fries, sometimes animal style if he’s feeling it, but he also made sure to note he has to have a strawberry shake. The shake is very important to Russ, as you can see from the emphasis he puts on it.

Westbrook recently inked an extension with the Thunder, so burger chain affiliation clearly isn’t the deciding factor for him, but those in Oklahoma might be a bit hurt by their star’s burger of choice.