Russell Westbrook Laughed Maniacally When Asked How He Felt About Kevin Durant

The Thunder obviously won’t be as good a team next season without Kevin Durant, but it will be exciting to watch them, just to see a pissed off Russell Westbrook taking out his anger and aggression on his opponents.

No matter whether or not Westbrook was told by KD that he was coming back to Oklahoma City next year, it had to come as a shock to Westbrook that his running mate for the past eight years was moving on to Golden State. Durant admitted that he knew his relationship with Westbrook would “never be the same” after his decision to join the Warriors, but we still hadn’t heard the Thunder point guard’s thoughts on all of this until today.

Facebook user Aijalon O SoGmfe was waiting in line somewhere with Westbrook and didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him what he thought about his former teammate and record it on video. The former All-Star game MVP didn’t exactly answer his question with words, but he did tell us all we needed to know but busting out a maniacal fake laugh that should probably scare every point guard in the Western Conference.

Westbrook is already known for playing angry. I can’t even imagine the fury he’s going to take out on some poor rims next season.