Michael Jordan Praised Russell Westbrook’s Loyalty For Staying With The Thunder

11.18.16 1 year ago

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A year ago this Saturday, Kevin Durant was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The entire Oklahoma City Thunder roster turned out to support him for the honor, of which he said he was “overwhelmed,” but looking back on that event now, well, it’s awkward. Durant selected Russell Westbrook to be his presenter that night, saying that he wanted to “share this night with him,” because Westbrook was “somebody that’s with me more than anybody, who knows me inside and out.”

In response, Westbrook said:

“It just shows that we’re brothers, man,” Westbrook said of Durant picking him. “Me and Kevin, we’re brothers for life. We’ve grown so much. Two young men, and now we’re at a stage in our life where we can communicate and talk to each other each and every day and have that brother relationship.” (Via ESPN)

Yikes. Obviously, things have changed. But the reason we bring this up is because Durant also said of his (former?) best friend, “Hopefully we’ll be here next year for Russell Westbrook’s induction.” He was half right. On Thursday night, Westbrook was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, but Durant was not there. Instead, Westbrook was presented by Michael Jordan, because why the hell wouldn’t you want the GOAT to give a speech praising you?

And Jordan’s speech was certainly full of praise, but most importantly it should have Thunder fans feeling good about Westbrook’s loyalty to the franchise and city.

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