Scottie Pippen Definitely Approves Of The Kawhi Leonard Comparisons

03.10.16 2 years ago
Kawhi Leonard, Scottie Pippen

Getty Image

Normally, former stars bristle when they’re compared to a current star. Their pride forbids them from even acknowledging a similarity, much less equality (or, heaven forbid, superiority). Scottie Pippen appears to not be one of those stars, at least when it comes to Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard’s grown into an undeniable star this year, one without any blemishes to his game. He’s so well-rounded and gifted on both sides of the ball that the Pippen comparison is an easy one to make. They’re not quite the same in terms of build (and Kawhi isn’t playing next to a Michael Jordan-type player), but, as far as comparisons are concerned, it’s not so far off base. Game recognizes games.

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