Scottie Pippen: “LeBron Would Kick MJ’s Ass” (Via Alonzo Mourning)

Here we go. With an anti-LeBron James sentiment stronger than we have seen in years (the negative comments, Twitter and Facebook reactions to THIS today and this monster from Monday put it on full display), we wonder how this one is going to go over.

Speaking at a Microsoft store opening in Miami, Alonzo Mourning was hit with the inevitable LeBron vs. Michael Jordan comparison question. ‘Zo sent his guy Scottie Pippen right up the river with his answer:

Here’s the quote: “I’m gonna tell you what Scottie said. Scottie said that LeBron would kick MJ’s ass.”

And then’Zo agreed with him.

Again, Mourning’s doing a paid (we’re assuming) appearance in a Miami-area store, so there’s likely some playing to the hometown crowd, but still …

So the big question is obviously, DO YOU AGREE WITH ALONZO AND SCOTTIE?

Think hard before you answer this one.

h/t Daily Backcourt

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