Scottie Pippen Says Kobe Led The Lakers Just Like Michael Jordan Led The Bulls

kobe bryant scottie pippen
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Everyone in the sports world is taking a moment today to honor Kobe Bryant on social media before Kobe’s final NBA game. One such person is former Bulls, Rockets, and Trail Blazers star Scottie Pippen. Unlike most people who sent out one tweet with the hashtag #MambaTweets and maybe a picture, Pippen sent out a handful of tweets in which he looked back on No. 8/24’s career.

Pippen started by talking about one of Kobe’s most highly-regarded traits: his desire to work harder than anyone else. In a moment that Kobe will absolutely take as a compliment, Pipped said that Kobe’s work ethic and competitive drive was on par with that of Michael Jordan.

Next, Pippen decided to talk about his relationship with Kobe. He mentioned that the two of them rarely crossed paths, they played a handful of times and were only in the league together for about eight years, but he did compliment the respect Kobe showed him and said the two of them do talk on occasion.

While Pippen briefly mentioned Jordan earlier, he did tackle the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to Kobe the basketball player: How he compares to MJ.

Pippen ended his Twitter rumblings by touching on Kobe’s legacy as a Laker and as a basketball player. You’ll never believe this, but Pippen holds him in the highest regard.

Watching older basketball players use their knowledge of the game to contextualize things that are happening right now is always cool. That’s absolutely the case here, as Pippen is a smart dude who followed Kobe’s career and was the second banana to Jordan, the guy whom everyone compares to Kobe.

Hopefully this becomes a thing that happens every time a star basketball player retires.