Scottie Pippen Offered A Blunt Assessment Of Steph Curry Going Into The Finals

05.30.17 10 months ago 9 Comments

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It should go without saying that the Cavs-Warriors Finals rematch that tips off on Thursday is a star-studded affair. Yet it’s still pretty astonishing that this series will feature a four-time league MVP, a back-to-back MVP (also the first-ever unanimous MVP), former Finals MVPs, and 11 All-Stars altogether.

The sheer collection of talent is unprecedented, such that the guy who’s inarguably been the league’s biggest star the past couple of seasons isn’t even among the top two players in the series, at least according to Scottie Pippen, who offered this rather sobering assessment of Steph Curry on ESPN’s The Jump on Tuesday (his comments start at the the 5:17 mark).

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