Screen & Roll Vol. 4: NBA Draft, “Space Jam” & More

With the blink-and-you-missed it way basketball has infiltrated our online and television lives, it’s only fair you get some warning for what’s up next. Whether it’s a basketball game halfway around the world, the NBA Finals, a revealing interview, or a high school star’s mix tape, we’ve got you covered with our “Screen & Roll” recap of what’s coming on for the coming week.

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The following selections cover June 23-29:

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“NBA TV Draft HQ 2014”

Mike Fratello, Ronnie Thompson, and Stu Jackson join host Vince Cellini to discuss the inner workings of NBA front offices during the process leading up to Draft Day on NBA TV Monday night. By now, basketball fans have tuned into numerous analysis, profiles, and previews of prospects likely to be selected in the first round. In fact, there will be a plethora of Draft previews regarding the 2014 class on TV this week leading up to the big day.

However, “NBA TV Draft HQ 2014” offers a unique perspective, which cannot be overlooked as a driving force of the Draft. The panel will give the viewer insight into what is involved in choosing a pick from a formal general manager, coach, and scout’s point of view and reasoning. The big screen saw a similar storyline in the recent Kevin Costner film, “Draft Day,” using the NFL setting. It will be interesting to learn what the front office values besides talent in making their selection come Thursday night.

Monday, June 23 at 8:00 PM EST on NBA TV

NBA Off The Court

The latest installment of “NBA Off The Court,” focuses on draft lottery hopefuls, Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon, Gary Harris and Noah Vonleh. They’ll join Rick Fox to chat the most important day of their basketball careers so far. “NBA Off The Court” will stream live on Tuesday afternoon on HERE. You can tweet your questions now using the hashtag #AmexNBA for an opportunity to hear them answered live on Tuesday. Don’t miss your chance to possibly get your questions answered and learn more about the players who will soon become household names.

Tuesday, June 24 at 4:00 PM EST (tentative)

The 2014 NBA Draft

The 2014 NBA Draft has finally arrived. After all the hype, talk, debate, and “tanking” that dominated the basketball airwaves this past year, the talented prospects will know where they will begin their careers as professional basketball players on Thursday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The 2014 Draft is already said to be the deepest class in more than a decade, with potential superstars such as Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid leading the class of young studs.

After the presumed first pick, Joel Embiid, was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the foot, which required surgery last week, there was a massive shakeup in the countless mock drafts circulating the Internet on a weekly basis. Which one-and-done will be the first pick? How far will Embiid fall? Who will move up and who will move down? What trades will be made on Draft day? Will Kevin Love find himself on a new team on Thursday? This will be the most exciting Drafts in recent years. If the NBA Draft lottery set a new ratings record last month, just imagine what the actual Draft will do?

Thursday, June 26 at 6:00 PM EST on ESPN

Click for more summer league action and an iconic basketball cartoon…

The Goodman League

Last week Screen & Roll showcased the happenings at the Drew League in Los Angeles. This week we continue our journey through summer basketball league action with a profile of The Goodman League. Originally named the Barry Farms Community Basketball League, The Goodman League was founded in 1975 by Ervin Brady, Carlton Reed, and Morty Hammonds in Southeast Washington D.C. at the Berry Farms Dwellings basketball courts. “The Farms” host games six days a week and runs from June to August. The Goodman features several active and former NBA players, college and high school ballers, and notable figures from our nation’s capital and the streetball world.

D.C. native Kevin Durant, no stranger to summer leagues, suited up at The Goodman last year. Earlier this month, the man who stole the spotlight at the celebrity game at this year’s All-Star weekend in New Orleans, Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan, traded his suit and tie for a basketball uniform and displayed his fundamental skills at “The Gates.”

One of the marquee matchups going on in D.C. this summer is New York vs. Goodman battle. Check out the highlight reel of the best plays from their round one matchup this past weekend. They will lace it up again for round two on Friday. Make sure to keep an eye on Goodman this summer, as they continue to deliver some of the most eye-popping visuals in the game every summer.

(video from The Mars Reel)

NBPA Top 100 Camp

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) hosted its 21st annual Top 100 High School Basketball Camp last week. Created in 19994, the NBPA Top 100 strives to develop and strengthen the skills and characteristics of the invited elite high school student-athletes both on and off the court. Current NBA stars like Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Stephen Curry, and Kyrie Irving have all attended the NBPA Top 100 camp in the past.

This year, high school elite players like Seventh Woods, Derryck Thornton, and Ben Simmons (remember those names) were among the invitees to learn from current and former NBA players, coaches, and other instructors how to maximize their potential as a player and an individual. It is never to soon to take a peek at the new crop of talent on a screen near you (in the NCAA). Therefore, here’s a compilation of the best plays to go down at John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia during the third session of the NBPA Top 100 last week. Be sure to visit the Hoopmixtape YouTube page for more clips of the young ballers showing off their talent. The future of basketball certainly looks bright.

“Space Jam”

After a long work week, why not kick back on your couch and tune into one of the most iconic basketball films ever made? Yes, I’m talking about Space Jam. It really doesn’t matter how old you are; whenever the Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny and friends classic pops up in your channel surfing efforts, you watch it with a big smile on your face. By the time Space Jam airs at the end of the week, the Draft will already be in the books.

So before your basketball brain is overcome with thoughts about your favorite team’s pick(s), take an hour and 40 minutes to relive some great childhood memories of MJ, the Monstars, a great soundtrack, Shawn Bradley NOT getting dunked on, Bill Murray setting a world-record for the shortest playing career ever, and the “truth” behind Jordan’s “secret stuff.” While there may or may not be a sequel in the future, the original will forever play a cherished role in our childhood.

Friday, June 27 at 9:00 PM EST on VH1
Repeating on Saturday, June 28 at 11:35 AM EST on VH1

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