The Internet’s Best Reactions To This Basketball Team’s Wild And Crazy Uniforms

Pink and light green are two colors you rarely find together in anything, and the combination is one you literally never see in sports uniforms. That is, until now.

Thanks to the Serbian club team KK Mega Leks, we now have the brightest possible example of a basketball jersey.

To double down on their idea, Mega Leks have two uniforms, one with a pink top and green shorts and one with the light green top and pink on the bottom.

You either think these uniforms are the greatest or worst of all time; there is really no middle ground here. On one hand, you at least have to give them credit for being unique. I mean, there is not going to be anyone mistaking Mega Leks for a different team. They’re the ones wearing the uniforms that will blind you if you stare at them directly.

On the other hand….what the hell, Mega Leks.

Naturally, Twitter had some thoughts.

Regardless of what everyone else thinks of them, the players seem to be enjoying the new look.

KK Mega Leks were in action on Thursday in their new uniforms where they took on another Serbian team that was dressed just slightly less ridiculously, wearing red jerseys with white stripes. The game took place on a court with the lane painted blue and the free throw line area painted tomato red, providing us with perhaps the most colorful basketball photograph of all time.


(Via Twitter)