Serge Ibaka Rejecting Shots All Over The Place

It’s crazy when I say this, but Serge Ibaka only had six blocked shots last night. Only. For the season, he’s averaging 3.2 rejections a night, but he’s had a few ridiculous shot block lines. Last night against Dallas, he was catching shots all over the place, and sent two or three deep into the stands. When will people learn?

I remember meeting Ibaka in a midtown hotel back in the summer of 2010 for an interview. He was still just a bench player, and still wasn’t completely comfortable taking questions in English. In Dime #58, we featured a Baller’s Blueprint on him. He broke down for me exactly what you needed to make it in the league as an energy player, at one point saying about OKC, “Everybody can shoot the ball. So i just stay focused on what I need to do to help my team win. That’s why I try to bring more energy and try to block every shot.”

Which block did you like better?

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