Serge Ibaka Says He’ll Fight Matt Barnes, But Only After Winning An NBA Title

On Tuesday, Matt Barnes appeared to challenge Serge Ibaka to fisticuffs — on national television no less. Ibaka responded through Twitter with a request for an official UFC fight, but the native Spanish-Congolese big man had more to add when TMZ approached him today.

As he says in the video above, winning a championship comes first, but Serge Ibaka would definitely fight Matt Barnes. The two could make a lot of money if they took their battle to the octagon, but I’m sure Adam Silver wouldn’t be so keen on the pugilistic sideshow. Neither of these guys are going to fight, because they both enjoy their money, but watching Barnes get pummeled by a 6-foot-10 Ibaka would be a sight to behold.

Ibaka probably isn’t the only player in the league willing to fight Matt Barnes. The newly acquired Grizzlies wing has made a name for himself by getting under other players’ skin.

Lastly, the greatest part of this video is Dion Waiters chewing his toothpick with a wry look on his face in the background.

(TMZ Sports)