Seth Curry Was All Kinds Of Awesome Mon. Night, But This Move Was Probably Inherited

Seth Curry is 25 years old, and he’s busted his butt on his odyssey through the D-League and into his NBA roster spot this year with the Kings. Against the Suns on Monday, the reserve guard finally got a chance to shine in a largely meaningless mid-April game between two West squads who’ve been plotting ping-pong balls for weeks now. That part didn’t seem to matter to him.

The younger Curry caused at least five #MustBeTheGenes mentions during Sacramento’s 105-101 win, and more than a few “is Mike Bibby playing for the Kings” queries as NBA watchers marveled at the similarities with the former Kings point guard when Seth donned a head band.

But one moment had us putting away our dislike at the unoriginality of the Steph comparisons, and that’s because it was eerily similar to his older brother.

This pump-fake on Ronnie Price, 360-degree twirl into a step-back three, was pure, unadulterated finesse. (Thought we were gonna write something that rhymes with that last word, huh?)

Curry finished with 20 points and 15 assists in a double-double that was all his own as he tripled his previous high for dimes in a game. It marked the second-consecutive outing with at least 20 points, and it was his third in six games, so maybe he gets a bigger deal this summer. Remember, the Warriors took a bit of a gamble on Steph, too.

After Seth’s big game, he showed he’s just as humble as his notoriously modest big bro, too.

“I had the ball, I was able to make some plays and show a different part of my game,” the younger Curry said after the game, “and guys were doing a great job screening for me, finishing shots, stuff like that, so they made me look good.”

He complimented his screeners. Yeesh. This family makes our jaded, me-first culture squirm with this sort of self-effacement.