Why Did Shaq Cover Himself In Bubble Wrap?

Shaq’s been having a rough go of it on Inside The NBA recently. His tradition of racing co-host Kenny Smith to the video board has been a reliable source of laughs, but it became a source of danger last week.

Shaq knows, deep down in his heart, that as desperate as he is to be funny, his accidents will always make more people laugh than his hit-or-miss jokes. This isn’t just true of him. I could do a killer stand-up set, and if I trip and fall going off the stage, that will be the biggest and most well-remembered laugh of the evening. It’s science.

True to his inner comedian, Shaq cleverly got in on the joke this weekend by wrapping himself in bubble wrap as an acknowledgement that he’s a danger to himself and others, and as such needs to wear a protective layer as his coworkers yell over him.

Later in the evening, Shaq took to popping the bubble wrap — right into his microphone — as Ernie Johnson gamely attempted to narrate a highlights package. That was quickly followed by him violently removing his bubble wrap, probably at the instruction of a producer. There isn’t a video of that, but it happened.

(Via NBA on TNT)