Here’s Shaq Letting His Teenage Son Jam On Him So He Learns How To Take Contact

07.13.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef, is a promising young basketball player who has inherited quite a bit of size and skill from from his pops. The latest lesson that the elder O’Neal passed down to junior was about how to dunk over the contact of a big man, something that Shaq knows quite a bit about.



And what better way for him to instill that knowledge than by offering up his services as the victimized big man? After all, if Shareef can slam over his dad’s 7-foot-1, 340-plus pound frame, then he should be able to dunk over just about anyone.

Shoutout to Shaq for the great dad move. No big man likes to be emasculated by getting dunked on — Shaq once got posterized by Derrick Coleman and promised himself he would never get dunked on again — but he allowed himself to become an educational tool for the greater good of his flesh and blood.

If Shareef ends up putting together a solid basketball career (he’s currently ranked as one of the better prospects for the Class of 2018), then he’s going to owe a lot of that success to dad for showing him the ropes as only Shaq can.

We can only hope that Shaq also managed to mix in a vicious rejection off camera. It’s important to stay humble.

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