Shaq, James Harden And Other NBA Stars Read More Mean Tweets About Themselves

06.01.17 10 months ago


Jimmy Kimmel‘s late night talk show is celebrating NBA Week to get ready for the NBA Finals, which means he’s dusting off a favorite segment of his with some of the Association’s most notable names.

Kimmel had NBA stars past and present read off mean tweets about themselves on camera. Houston’s James Harden, the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan and even Shaq appear in the clip, reading and reacting to the anonymous hordes online always out for blood.

The best and possibly most adorable part is that Shaq appears to let a child read his mean tweets for them, commenting on them afterward. It wasn’t exactly explained who the child in question is, but it works. New buddy cop film in the making? He’s already got that badge, right?


The clip was just a sneak peak that promises to have other NBA stars hearing disparaging things about themselves and blowing them off because they have lots of talent and earning potential than the other person involved in this particular online interaction.

The rest of the meanness will air before Game 1 on Thursday, unless you live on the West Coast. Then you’ll have to wait until after the game to see why Shaq is letting a child read his Tweets.

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