Shaq Took The ‘One Chip Challenge’ And Didn’t Fare As Well As He Hoped

The One Chip Challenge is sweeping television studios across America, with anchors throwing up and just generally making great television thanks to the misery of others.

The idea is simple: the chip is made with super hot peppers, and some people react just horribly to it. But Shaq was not amused, or afraid, of this chip. And on Thursday he decided to give it a run for himself, promising he would not even “make a face” during its spicy assault.

Because everyone else on the Inside the NBA set has the internet, they were eager to see how he did eating the very hot chip.

“Chuck: I’ll bet you 20 bucks I’ll bite the chip and I won’t even make a face,” Shaq said, on offer which Barkley immediately took him on.

Shaq took a bit of the chip, which kind of shattered, so he didn’t get all of it in his mouth right away. Stone-faced, he tried to play it off as the tough guy at the beginning.

Y’all must not know what fraternity I’m in,” Shaq said. “Omega Sy Fi.”

That’s presumably to imply he’s an… alien? Do aliens not feel heat in spicy foods? I’m lost here. But Shaq was persistent.

“This is nothing to me,” he said, still not having eaten the entire chip.

He tries very hard not to make any facial movements, but then a cough slips out and the crew starts losing it.

Shaq insists that he didn’t make a face, and that a cough doesn’t count. But as he does that, the heat intensifies.

“I’m not making a face,” he says. “I’m just coughing.”

Shall continues to insist to Ernie Jonhson that he didn’t make a face. But the damage has been done. And the heat is coming.

“Oh it’s hot,” he said, taking a sip of water. “Anybody got some milk?”