Shaq Tried To Punch Out Charles Barkley’s Hamstring Cramp On ‘Inside The NBA’

The concept of Guys Being Dudes means many things, starting with the inherent truth that when a guy is in need of some assistance with a hamstring cramp on national television you help a dude out.

That truth was honored in hilarious fashion on Thursday night when Charles Barkley cramped up on Inside The NBA. Enter Shaq, who during a commercial break gave him a few whacks in a very compromising position we fortunately were able to enjoy because TNT kept the cameras rolling.

The video is classic Inside The NBA, with Ernie Johnson narrating Chuck getting so tense watching Suns/Trail Blazers that he started cramping up. Shaq, laughing as he leans over the desk in an effort to stretch out a bit, is more than willing to come over and use his extremely large pro athlete hands to help give him some relief. Both Shaq and Chuck are laughing through the video, with the former asking them to “strike that from the tape” despite the obvious gold the crew has captured here.

It’s honestly a bit surprising that Shaq has not endorsed a product that explicitly fixes this issue of hamstring cramps, but as someone who has had a physical therapist laugh at the condition of my hamstrings I can safely say that both Chuck and I are interested if an entrepreneur is willing to give Shaq another bag. Safe to say, it made for great TV on a big night in basketball.

Truly giving the people what they want.