Shaq’s New Theory Is That There Is More Than One Moon

The best stuff on Inside the NBA tends to happen when the games are over, they’ve decided they don’t wanna be serious anymore, and they just need to kill a few minutes before they sign off for the night and get to go home. When we ranked the best moments in the show’s last decade or so, a fairly common theme was that the most unhinged stuff came late at night when the show was, for all intents and purposes, over.

We got our latest example of this in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Shaquille O’Neal, who is known for having some absolutely bonkers takes about the moon, shared that he has a brand new theory about the moon. You know how our beautiful planet has one moon, a thing that everyone has agreed on for centuries? Well, Shaq’s theory is that there is another.

“I have a new theory,” the mischievous Hall of Fame inductee says. “There’s more than one moon.”

This elicited groans because everyone else knew some nonsense was coming, but Shaq implored that he be given a chance to speak.

“The other day I was riding — past Auburn, as a matter of fact — and the moon was on the left,” Shaq said. “And I keep going straight, didn’t make no turns, and about 20 minutes later, the moon was behind me.”

“It’s cause it was movin’, fool!” Charles Barkley, who is used to this stuff but by no means enjoys it, said.

“There’s more than one moon,” Shaq continued. “And then another 45 seconds, the moon was on my right. There’s more than one moon.”

This now joins the famous segment where Shaq asked how long it takes to fly to the moon in the pantheon of Inside the NBA moments that are designed to give astronomy teachers headaches.