Watch Shaq Easily Lift Weights With Chris Webber Standing On The Machine

At 7-foot-1 and approximately 325 pounds, Shaquille O’Neal is the largest NBA superstar ever. And to those who followed his legendary career closely, that the 43-year-old hasn’t ballooned up to an unfathomable weight in his post-playing days is something close to shocking.

Either way, though, it always went without saying that O’Neal’s unmatched playing strength would mostly persist regardless. Natural power like his takes decades to die out, a reality the big man exhibited with ease by rowing a maxed-out weight machine… with the approximately 240-pound Chris Webber standing on top of it.

Hopefully the Inside the NBA crew mentions Shaq’s feat on tonight’s show as the Cleveland Cavaliers try to close out the Atlanta Hawks. Not only are we curious of the big man’s current fitness regimen, but also hope for a repeat of a lift-off between he and Charles Barkley.

Could these videos be what prompts Round 2? Let’s hope so.

[Chris Webber, Alexander Ilyashenko]