Bear Grylls Used Leaves And Impressive Improvisation Techniques To Make Shaquille O’Neal Disappear

08.30.16 3 years ago

Running Wild with Bear Grylls,’ for those of you out of the surviving on your own urine loop, is a show where famous survivalist and probably crazy person Bear Grylls takes other famous and probably less crazy celebrities into the wilderness and teaches them important skills they’ll need should they ever find themselves irrevocably lost in said wilderness. Shaquille O’Neal is one of the latest stars to get in on the action, and we can’t lie – it’s pretty fantastic.

Grylls takes the basketball legend deep into the woods — presumably where all of the VHS copies of Kazaam are buried – where he then gets an idea:

You know what we could do? I reckon if we collect all these leaves into a big pile like this, and then we get right inside it with our heads poking out.

Shaq, being as relatively normal a human being as possible, responds with this face:

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