Shawn Kemp’s 15-Year-Old Son Might Have The Skill Set His Dad Never Quite Developed

There is a ton of projecting to do with 15-year-old athletes. Just because a kid is dominating prep and AAU scenes midway through his high school career doesn’t even portend stardom at the college level – let alone NBA one. But some youngsters are blessed with genes that make imagining a bright future much easier, and Seattle sophomore Jamon Kemp is certainly among them.

Does that last name and location ring a bell? It should, as Jamon is the son of 14-year NBA veteran Shawn Kemp, a six-time All-Star and three-time All-NBA Second-Team honoree who teamed with Gary Payton to lead the Seattle SuperSonics to a Finals matchup with the famed 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

The oldest Kemp, of course, is most fondly remembered for his breathtaking athleticism. There just haven’t been many players throughout league history who could match his exceedingly rare combination of size, power, and vertical explosion. The biggest (relative) problem for the Sonics legend? His game never quite caught up to his natural gifts.

At 6’5 with a wiry frame, Jamon could very well develop into the high-flying monster his father was in the 1990s. For now, though, the Seattle Garfield product seems to rely on hustle, craft, and a burgeoning package of perimeter skills to make an impact on the floor – which is extremely encouraging with respect to his long-term prospects.

After all, can you really imagine Shawn Kemp’s son not developing into a force of athletic nature?

(h/t The Big Lead)