Should Udonis Haslem Be Suspended For Clocking Tyler Hansbrough?

Why is it that Tyler Hansbrough is always the one on the wrong end of payback? His hit on Dwyane Wade earlier in last night’s Game 5 was absolutely a play on the ball, and somehow turned into a flagrant foul despite Psycho T getting the ball (for the most part). A few plays later, Udonis Haslem, who contends he shouldn’t be suspended because “Nine years in this game, I ain’t never played to hurt nobody,” whacked the Pacer forward across the face with both hands in an obvious retaliation.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes referee crew chief Derrick Stafford originally wanted to call the Haslem head chop a Flagrant 2, but was talked back down by his partner, Jason Phillips.

I’m all for keeping toughness in the game, but it seems silly to grade the two hits on the same level. They obviously weren’t, and Haslem should be praying he isn’t suspended for Game 6.

What do you think?

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