The Sixers-Kings Game Has Been Officially Postponed Due To Condensation On The Court

11.30.16 2 years ago

After a lengthy delay due to condensation on the court at Wells-Fargo arena in Philadelphia, Wednesday night’s match-up between the Sixers and Kings has been officially postponed. DeMarcus Cousins did his best to help matters by grabbing a couple of mops and working diligently to help dry the court, but apparently to no avail.

Here’s more from the team’s official press release:

The NBA game scheduled for this evening between the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia has been postponed due to unsafe playing conditions on the arena floor.

The game will be rescheduled at a later date.

Fans on both sides will now have to wait indefinitely for what was a highly-anticipated showdown between two of the league’s best big men in Cousins and Sixers center Joel Embiid, who has been a revelation for Philadelphia in the early going of the season after making his long-awaited debut.

Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer has more information on the situation:

If that’s the case and this was an oversight on the part of arena personnel, you can bet some head’s are going to roll. Meanwhile, fans inside the arena were obviously not happy about the situation, and there was some confusion up until just a few minutes ago whether the game was still delayed or whether it was actually being officially postponed until a later date.

Thankfully, you can always count on Embiid to bring a little much-needed levity to just about any situation:

And he wasn’t the only one. We continue to be amazed at the basketball world’s collective ability to turn anything into a crying Jordan meme.

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