Someone Listed A Missed Connections Craigslist Ad For The Clippers And The Conference Finals

Nothing induces heartache quite like the NBA playoffs, especially if your favorite franchise has spent 40 years wandering in the desert of the league landscape.

The Clippers came so close to finally eclipsing the second-round plateau only to be shot down by a barrage of Josh Smith and Corey Brewer 3-pointers. Losing a series after being up 3-1 would drive any fan up a wall, right? A Los Angeles follower confirmed that notion by taking to Craigslist and filling out a missed connections ad about the Clippers and the ever-evasive Conference Finals:

I saw you there, briefly, from where I was on the court. Golden and wonderful, you smelled like victory and confetti. I was intoxicated with the thought of reaching you. You smiled — I thought, at me — and it was a smile that went right through my being, that made everything seem perfect, whole and worthwhile. Then, with, like, 6 minutes left to go in the game, I looked up and you were gone.

Hopefully the Clippers and the Conference Finals will be united one day. But that might me a little more difficult if DeAndre Jordan walks in free agency.

(Via Craigslist)