Sonny Weems Headed To Europe; Deron Williams Hires An Agent

Once we do finally get into the real offseason, whenever that is, and teams can start making moves, the Kings figure to have the most flexibility and wiggle room. No one knows what the cap will look like, but going off the current salaries and cap holds, that appears to be the case. You know what this means right? Sacramento is going to throw a ton of money at someone like Nene or Tyson Chandler or Marc Gasol. It’s bound to happen. Would any of them bite and leave a playoff (or championship) contending team for perhaps $13-15 million a year? Some of the other teams who figure to have a lot of money are Indiana and New Jersey. Honestly, if we are a GM this summer/fall, we might think about waiting until next summer when free agency picks back up. There aren’t many difference-makers available, and that’s only going to cause some fool to pony up and hand out All-Star money to someone who isn’t worth it (think Detroit a few summers ago when Dumars went crazy, missed out on the big names, and gave mammoth contracts to a few supporting players) … Sonny Weems has decided to head overseas for this season, signing in Europe. The contract doesn’t include an opt-out so you won’t be seeing Weems back in the NBA until the fall of 2012 (if at all). We actually liked Weems a lot, and early last year, he was playing decently for Toronto. But by the end of the year, he was buried. The question is how many will follow? … Chuck Person (who was an interim coach before being made full-time towards the end of last season) and Quinn Snyder were both added to Mike Brown’s Laker staff. Can the Rifleman help Ron Artest find a J? They should’ve signed him in the playoffs considering how awful that team’s shooting was … Deron Williams has decided to sign with Jeff Schwartz as his new agent. Why is this a big deal? Well it means next summer’s three goliath free agents (Williams, CP & Dwight) now all have different agents. In 2010, the Big Three that signed in Miami all had agents that worked under the same Creative Artists Agency cloud (Oh yeah. About that whole “wait until next year to splurge” advice we just gave, the Nets might want to make a move. Although he says he likes the direction of the franchise, Williams still must be convinced to stay) … What do you think about a Chinese All-Star tour? It’s a possibility now with many players unable to sign contracts and actually play overseas. While they can’t do that, they can play in “celebrity” style exhibition games as a way to raise/make money … The king of the strip club, Rick Ross, returned to the King of Diamonds in Miami, FL, and had a special performance at the strip joint: “The Return of Rick Ross Presented by Belvedere Intense”. You wanna talk money? Ross allegedly dropped $1 million dollars on his last visit … Jeremy Lamb paced the US with 17 points in their 82-66 win over Latvia in the U19 World Championships. They finished out preliminary play undefeated and will have the No. 1 seed for Group D once play resumes on Monday … And Dirk is getting freaky on Twitter: I was wondering since there is a lockout, am I still allowed to watch nbatv? Or maybe that’s a fine … We’re out like Weems.

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