Even NBA Players Think ‘Space Jam 2’ Is A Terrible Idea

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Space Jam, a terrible movie that’s nearly 20 years old that people want to incorrectly remember as good, should not have a sequel, according to Toronto Raptors basketball player Patrick Patterson in a post on The Players Tribune.

Patterson is both right and wrong; there should never be another Space Jam film birthed into the world but he believes a second movie would soil the sanctity of the first movie, which is a horrendous piece of cinema that he thinks is wonderful and holds up today. Even if you want to classify it as a kid’s movie, it’s not even good through that prism.

And look, I know some people will say, “But Space Jam 2 isn’t for you, it’s for the younger kids out there who hadn’t even been born when the original came out.” To which I say: These kids should just be watching the original Space Jam! It holds up. Hell, it gets better with age. Space Jam is a fine wine.

Sequels are pretty much never better than the original. Except Bad Boys II. Bad Boys II was the s***.

There are examples of good sequels, no question about it. Bad Boys II wasn’t “the s***,” but was instead a turd that was lit on fire, dropped inside a Hummer and pushed down a hill in Cuba that tore through the homes of Cubans that I assume weren’t in those homes because if they were that would mean Will Smith and Martin Lawrence killed like a dozen Cubans while trying to save Gabrielle Union from a boring drug lord.

This was such an insane premise for a Players Tribune piece that it created a lot of important Space Jam and content inside the Uproxx Slack channel:

Anyway, some dude on the Raptors doesn’t want a Space Jam 2, and we know this thanks to the web site that delivers the stories about athletes no one else can get.

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