We Used ‘NBA 2K’ To Simulate Whether The Spurs Can Win Game 2 Without Kawhi Leonard

05.16.17 11 months ago

NBA 2k17

The San Antonio Spurs lost a 20-point lead in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. They also lost Kahwai Leonard for Game 2. Though it would be pretty a pretty tough hill to climb for the Spurs, they need a win to avoid falling behind 2-0 to the defending Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors.

But will Golden State roll over the Spurs without their defensive stud, or will someone else emerge from the Spurs’ lineup to have a big game and upset Golden State the same way they dispatched Houston in Game 6 of the previous round? There’s one way to find out: let NBA 2K17 decide for us.

While our simulation of Celtics/Wizards Game 7 wasn’t entirely accurate, who could account for Kelly Olynyk having the game of his life? Not me, and not the computers, who we should trust absolutely. You can watch the entire simulation here, but let’s go ahead and skip to the final results.

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