Watch Steph Curry And Klay Thompson’s Dads Both Admit Their Sons Are Better

Newly-crowned NBA champions Steph Curry and Klay Thompson sat down with their dads, Dell and Mychal, for an interview with ESPN’s Marc Stein for the Father’s Day edition of Sunday Conversation. The two former NBA stars were both beaming with pride for their sons’ accomplishment, and even went so far as to claim that Steph and Klay are both better players than they ever were.

“I’ll say it. He’s better than me,” the elder Thompson said. “Different style of play. But I’ll give it to him. He’s a better, more all-around player than I was. It takes a championship. When he got that ring, I said okay. He’s arrived. Now, Steph and Dell, I don’t know. What can Steph do better than you?”

“Everything,” Dell said. “Everything you said. A better passer, ball-handler, better defender.”

“Steph’s a better shooter than you were?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

They probably couldn’t ask for a better Father’s Day gift than being able to bask in the glow of their sons’ first NBA title. And as an added bonus, no Father’s Day would be complete without a visit from the Curry family’s most unstoppable force of nature, aka Riley, who just waltzes right in and steals the show everywhere she goes.

(Moghamarati, IGMarc Stein)