Eventually, Steph Curry And NBA Commish Adam Silver Figured Out That MVP Handshake

05.13.16 3 years ago

Steph Curry is now back from injury, and he reclaimed his place on top of the NBA world without skipping a beat. Almost.

The two-time MVP and first ever unanimous MVP showed us his human side when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver left Steph hanging and didn’t shake his hand.

Steph didn’t really mind. Look at the way he shakes it off, it’s like he’s creating a new dance move. Even when he is getting denied, he’s smooth. What do we call this, Internet? The dis-shimmy? (When someone shimmies his or her way out of being dissed?) Someone out there in the world, please help us come up with a better name!

The two were able to reconnect and laugh it off by giving each other a real bro-hug. One that will forever bond the two in NBA Twitter glory.

Now that DapGate is settled, the world can begin to focus on the Western Conference Final match up between Golden State and Oklahoma City. Despite being injured, Steph is – as he proclaimed – definitely BACK. But OKC is still an intriguing opponent after taking down the Spurs in a beatdown. I’m not at liberty to call this series just yet; I’ll be over here practicing my dis-shimmy. Just in case.

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