Is This Steph Curry Assist To JaVale McGee A Pass Or A Jumper That Went Horribly Awry?

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11.04.17 2 Comments

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Steph Curry is more than just a shooter. Sure, he might be the best shooter in the history of the NBA, but he’s also an elite passer whose ability to scan the floor and find an open teammate is special. In fact, Curry makes incredible passes so frequently that they’re almost as “normal” as his threes from several feet behind the arc.

Curry’s ability to pass was on display in the first quarter of Golden State’s game against Denver. Curry ran off of a JaVale McGee screen, got a pass, squared up, and pulled up for a jump shot. It’s a shot that we have seemingly seen him hit a million times.

But instead of getting net, the ball Curry launched fell softly into McGee’s hands. The veteran big man caught the ball and laid it in for two points.

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