MVP Moment? Steph Curry Shakes Chris Paul To The Floor With Double Behind-The-Back Dribble

Chris Paul can stick with anybody off the bounce. Well, anybody but Steph Curry, that is.

Double behind-the-back dribbles aren’t uncommon – LeBron James, for instance, utilizes them frequently while deciding whether to use or reject a ball-screen. But the quickness with which Curry makes this move is remarkable, and where he does so on the court is what helps fool Paul to the floor.

The Los Angeles Clippers superstar must react to Curry’s momentum towards the basket or risk an easy layup, and does so with ease. But CP3 – like the rest of us watching around the globe and the thousands of amazed gawkers at Staples Center – didn’t see the second shake coming, and folded like a pretzel as a result.

Tonight’s matchup between the Clippers and Golden State Warriors doesn’t carry the luster of recent games between these Western Conference powers. Steve Kerr’s team has the conference crown locked-up and isn’t playing full-tilt because of it. The palpable sense of intense urgency that normally accompanies each meeting between these heated rivals is just missing, basically.

But imagine, for instance, if Curry made this play in a contest that really meant something. It would immediately become a worthy and consensus part of league history.

Upon each watch, though, it becomes increasingly clear that this very well might be Steph’s signature MVP moment after all – that’s how epic Curry’s deke of his fellow Point God is.

Spurred by 18 points from Blake Griffin, the Clippers lead the Warriors 53-46 at halftime.

[Streamable via @_MarcusD_, Vine via NBA on TNT]