Steph Curry Keeps It Clean With His Swear Words Even After Getting Drenched

Sometimes, it’s hard being a famous superstar athlete like Steph Curry. No, not when he’s raining threes from impossible angles with a hand in his face — that stuff’s easy for him. The hard part is keeping up a marketably clean image to keep his sponsors happy while still being approachably real for his fans. So far, he’s done an excellent job at it, which may be why his teammates love testing his ability to stay cool on camera.

After Steph went for a casual 36 points, eight assists and six rebounds in the Warriors’ 50th win of the 2015-16 season — the fastest any team has reached 50 wins — on Monday night in Atlanta, a sneaky teammate performed a mini-Gatorade bath on Curry as he was giving his postgame interview. It was a guerrilla run to rattle the star’s TV facade. Steph’s response? “Mother sucker!”

You can almost hear him stop himself from actually swearing, denying himself the pleasure of that hard “F” sound, the proper curse which is scientifically proven to be therapeutic. His restraint in the moment is impressive, and only borne from — like his game — tons of practice. He successfully avoided Klay here.

Don’t worry, though, we’re sure he’s got plenty of expletives for his teammates once the cameras stop rolling in the locker room.