Steph Curry Videobombed His Dad Like A Fanboy Before The Warriors-Hornets Game

Stephen Curry was back in action on Monday night after missing two-plus games with a calf/shin injury, and his hometown Charlotte Hornets were visiting Oracle Arena. The fun thing about that is that Steph’s dad, former Hornet Dell Curry, is now a color commentator for those very same Hornets. Off days and vacations aside, they get to see each other on the court a couple of days a year. That’s fun! Above is a reason why it’s fun.

The elder Curry was doing his standard pre-game segment, trying to figure out just how the Hornets could beat the big, bad Golden State Warriors (they couldn’t, losing 111-101, thanks in part to Draymond Green’s third straight triple-double), when an excited fan burst into the live shot, screaming “Oh my God, Dell Curry! Dell Curry!”

But wait! That wasn’t just some fanboy geeking out over one of the best shooters of the 1990s, it was his son. It’s the cutest videobomb ever. (Wait, does it count as a videobomb if it actively interrupts the interview in question? Well, that’s a question for the comment section, I guess.) It’s a good thing Dell doesn’t call Warriors games, or else he’d never get anything done.