Steph Curry Felt Dewayne Dedmon’s Screen From Game 3 Was A Dirty Play

05.22.17 2 years ago

The Western Conference Finals series between the Warriors and Spurs has not been chippy in the traditional sense, in that there haven’t been particularly hard fouls leading to scuffles or anything like that. But it has featured more than its fair share of questionable play. The most notable example of this was Zaza Pachulia’s step-under foul on Kawhi Leonard that has forced the star to miss the last two games and, most likely, Game 4 as well.

However there have been other examples of questionable play, bordering on dirty (depending on the eye of the beholder), from LaMarcus Aldridge with a step-under on Kevin Durant in Game 2 to Dewayne Dedmon’s screen on Steph Curry that appeared to target Curry’s knee in Game 3.

The latter example caused both Curry and coach Mike Brown to speak out to ESPN’s Chris Haynes on Sunday night about the play after reviewing the tape further, complaining that Dedmon’s screen, in which it appeared he dropped his knee into Curry’s, was illegal and Curry felt it was a dirty play.

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