Steph Curry Had Under Armour Make Custom Sneakers For Guy Fieri’s Son

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Guy Fieri is a huge Golden State Warriors fan, and when you’re the mayor of Flavortown you get some pretty impressive sports fan perks. Those benefits apparently extend to Fieri’s son, who got a custom pair of Under Armour shoes with the help of Steph Curry.

Fieri was on an episode of Sneaker Shopping, the Complex show takes various people to Flight Club in Miami to talk shoes and eventually buy them. The episode featuring Guy Fieri does both things, starting with a story about how Curry gave his son special shoes after he stopped by the set of Guy’s Grocery Games.

The scene is set up as such — Curry’s wife, Ayesha, is on an episode and Steph tagged along to watch. Fieri’s two sons, Hunter and Ryder, are also big Warriors fans and Ryder, the younger of the two, chatted up Steph. At some point he mentioned that he wanted a pair of shoes that Under Armour doesn’t make in his size, and Curry stepped in and said he knew a guy who could make it happen.

“So he’s sitting there talking to Steph, and they’re going back and forth, showing videos and stuff,” Fieri recalled. “And next thing I know Steph walks up to me and says ‘Hey chef, what’s your address?'”

Fieri asked why, and Curry said he was going to get Ryder some shoes. The chief pointed out that Under Armour doesn’t make them in his size, but that’s not a problem for the company’s biggest basketball star.

“He goes ‘I know a guy,'” Fiery said. “So he sends the shoes and sends us a signed pair. So what does Ryder do? He won’t wear them!”

Fieri called Curry the “nicest guy in the world” and the story certainly backs that up. Curry’s made a habit of reaching out to do cool things through UA for kids, especially when it involves custom shoes.

Fieri also said his son has a pair of size 17 Kevin Durant shoes on display as well, so the family takes their sneakers seriously.