Steph Curry Explains How Steve Kerr ‘Inspires’ The Warriors In Our Interview About Coaching

08.26.15 4 years ago

Steph Curry has had a busy year. After narrowly edging out James Harden for the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, he then led the Golden State Warriors to their first NBA title in 40 years. Then his wife had another baby (and if she’s anything like her sister Riley, buckle up). But he didn’t stop there.

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His newest venture is with a Boston-based startup called “CoachUp,” which sometimes refers to itself as the “Uber of coaching.” Here’s how it works: the website has a database of more than 15,000 entrepreneurial coaches across the country, so athletes of all ages and skill levels can logon and find coaches in their area that fit their training goals. And it’s not just for basketball. It’s for all sports (even yoga, according to the site).

Curry joined the CoachUp team as Lead Ambassador this summer, in part because of the tremendous impact private coaching has had on his individual growth and, as a byproduct, his career successes. DIME had a chance to speak with both Curry and CoachUp founder Jordan Fliegel last week about their new partnership and the crucial role that quality coaching plays in an athlete’s overall development and how those principles translate to every other aspect of life.

DIME: How did your partnership with CoachUp come to fruition? 

Stephen Curry: When Jordan approached me about his idea and his company and the vision he had, it’s kinda funny because it’s basically my story, in a nutshell, of how I got to the Division 1 level coming out of high school and how I trained and developed my game. It’s through private coaching. So when he described the vision for how he wanted to get up-and-coming athletes in all different sports linked with qualified and high-level coaches, it made 100 percent complete sense with my story and how, even to this day, I still work on my game and get better. And just that experience and how it can elevate somebody’s game, skill level, and maturity — on and off the court — and just the values that they have.

Jordan, what does is it mean to you to have Steph as a part of your team?

Jordan Fliegel: It’s great to have Stephen on our team. He really embodies everything that we’re about. [He’s] someone who’s obviously an incredible basketball player, who’s worked extremely hard to get to where he is, and more than that, just a great person and a real student-athlete […] And for the vast majority of the kids out there, you know, they’re never gonna play professionally. That’s not even really the goal. The goal is to … if you love something, if you love playing a sport, you should really invest in that. And the people around you, your family should invest in that. You learn so much by being a part of teams, playing sports and seeing yourself grow and get better, I think you develop a lot of confidence, and that leads to other things in life, school and otherwise. He embodies all of that. The fact that he’s also an incredible basketball player, MVP, all that, is crazy. But he represents who we are, so it was a perfect opportunity to work with him. It’s really a natural fit.

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