Steph Curry Thinks Kenny Smith Is ‘Trippin’ For Saying He Doesn’t Have Damian Lillard’s Range

Damian Lillard did his thing in the Portland Trail Blazers’ 100-93 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night. Lillard went for 34 points in the win, which included a collection of threes from other area codes despite the best effort of the Lakers’ defenders. They were the latest reminders that Lillard has range that no one can match in the league right now, as he was able to pull up and hit gigantic shots from way downtown when Portland needed them most.

That “right now” qualifier is a big one, because there’s a dude in Lillard’s own conference who has the kind of limitless range that can match Dame. However, Steph Curry’s at home during the Bubble, as injuries led to the the Golden State Warriors having a pretty brutal season.

Still, when he’s healthy, Curry is the most electric shooter in NBA history. On Inside the NBA following the Blazers game, Kenny Smith threw a bit of a challenge Curry’s way, questioning whether he still has this kind of range. Curry, in turn, thinks Smith was saying something off-base.

Smith ended up wearing this L, chalking this up to forgetting what Curry can do when he’s out there doing his thing.

In fairness to The Jet, it has been a minute, as Curry hasn’t been able to suit up since before the COVID-19 hiatus that began in March. Still, this gives me a reason to direct you to this 12-minute video of Steph hitting threes from all over the place as a refresher for us all.