How LeBron James Might Help Steph Curry Become The Michael Jordan Of Under Armour

02.16.16 2 years ago
stephen curry lebron james

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The gap between LeBron James and Stephen Curry on the basketball court keeps getting smaller as Curry continues to establish himself as one of the best players on earth. However, the gap between LeBron James the businessman and Stephen Curry continues to be quite wide. Sure, Curry is among the league’s biggest star when it comes to marketability, but James is potentially the most marketable athlete on earth.

During an interview with at the All-Star Game, Curry noted that he views LeBron as a person whose path to off-the-court stardom he can follow.

“At one point he (James) was going through the exact same thing I’m going through now, and the transition of different phases of your careers,” Curry said in Toronto, during the NBA’s All-Star weekend. “Any smart person that wants to be successful in life has people that they look up to or follow. … He’s obviously handled that part of his career very well and he’s a great influence in that regard.”

While getting to the level of popularity of LeBron is tough, Curry is already in his stratosphere with an MVP award, a title and the more-normal physique young kids can empathize with more than LeBron’s freakish 6-foot-8, 250-pound frame. Curry is the league’s king when it comes to jersey sales, plus his brand is constantly improving, namely as the face of Under Armour. Curry even agreed that he wants to do for the up-and-coming sneaker company what Michael Jordan did for Nike.

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