Steve Kerr Says Steph Curry Was Shooting And Has A Chance To Play Tuesday

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Four
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A Golden State Splash Brother went off Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers, but it wasn’t Steph Curry. Still sidelined with a sprained right knee, Curry had to watch while Klay Thompson scored 37 to put the Warriors up 1-0 in their second round series. But there was some hopeful news from coach Steve Kerr before the game!

Curry did some stationary shooting yesterday, indicating he’s starting to put some pressure on that knee and see how it feels. He’s already suggested he won’t wait until he’s 100% if the Warriors need him, and Kerr hinted as much by saying there’s a slim chance he’ll play on Tuesday in Game 2.

But Kerr also mentioned yesterday that he wasn’t too hopeful about Curry playing on Tuesday. Well, Steve, which is it?!

The truth, like most things, is probably somewhere in the middle. It’s good news that Steph was shooting yesterday, even if he’s not moving around on the knee yet. But Kerr’s also probably not going to push him back as long as the Warriors can cruise past their opponents, like they did in Sunday’s 118-106 series-opening win. With Thompson hitting seven threes for the third game in a row, it’s not like Golden State is lacking in shooters.

So keep those fingers crossed, everybody-but-Portland fans! Maybe Tuesday night brings us the return of Curry. If not, then know it’s for the best. We’ve only got one Stephen Curry, folks, let’s make sure he doesn’t explode like Derrick Rose.